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A woman who is autistic walked into our store wanting to purchase cranberry sauce. She learned that our sauce had full berries and was unable to try it because of its texture and asked if I could make sauce without berries. She also educated us. Autism often comes with hypersensitivity to textures. How food feels in the mouth, rather than its flavor, is what produces a food aversion.  It is truly important for every person to be able to enjoy cranberry sauce, and we sincerely hope this helps. So the white lid is without berries. The black lid is with berries.  I'd like to thank this Queen for this inspiration and the enlightenment.




And it taste so damn good! 

Classic Cranberry Sauce (No Berries)

  • Organic Whole Cranberries, pure cane sugar, oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and orange water.  That's it.  


    But don't try to duplicate the recipe.  We promise it won't be the same.  It's in the science, children! 

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