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Inspiration:  "Emerald City Sequence"  (The Wiz 1978)
Theme:  Afro-Furturism 

Event Style: Dance Party

Curators: Stoviink Creatives
Venue: Studio 2226 Chicago 
Lights + Event Production: Ra'oof Saleem
Decor + Visual Design: Regina Saleem
Performing Artist: DJ Duane Powell 
Food Curator: Lauren A. Amos 
Culinary: Chef Daniel Will 
Visual Art Exhibition: Dork 
Graphics: Erin Sedalia  

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“The Wiz,” a product of the blaxploitation movement, emerges as a powerful narrative of racial freedom, embodying the essence of Afro-futurism. This fusion of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and ancient African customs not only sheds light on historical events, but also envisions a brighter future for black communities. One particular scene, the “Emerald City Sequence,” showcases a diverse representation of unapologetic Black excellence and queerness through dance sequences inspired by ballroom, and an exhibition of high fashion and Black glamour. By seamlessly incorporating gospel, blues, soul, and R&B, genres that authentically capture the essence of the black experience, “The Wiz” firmly establishes its place within the rich tapestry of Black pop culture.  Art  Off The Wall seeks to reimagine this iconic moment in Black cinema, un-framed.

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Curated products by Stoviink Creatives were created to align with the theme of the event as a limited edition release.  Products includes 1soap, 1body butter, 1room spray, 1eau du toilette spray, 1candle, and 1wax melts.   Guests will have the opportunity to test, and purchase all products as part of the experience.  

ART OFF THE WALL produced by Stoviink Creatives is a bi-monthly Arts series that aims to connect culture, commerce, and creativity. We are dedicated to organizing one-of-a-kind experiences that bring people together and provide a platform for talented African-American artists to exhibit their work. Through engaging conversations about their art, we strive to create a space where all artists can share their stories. Our goal is to foster a safe environment for expression, collaboration, and creativity by forging meaningful partnerships between artists, businesses, and other art institutions.

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